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Ability Level - Whistler Ski School

Ability Level - Whistler Ski School

One of the most important parts of ensuring your lesson or camp meets your expectations and provides a safe and enjoyable learning environment, is selecting your correct ability level. This table will help you find the right level for you and your family.

Ability Level Descriptions

Symbol Level Description
novice 1 Never skied or snowboarded before.
novice 2 I would rather ski/ride at slow speed. Green runs remain a challenge.
novice 3 I can link turns on green runs, I rarely venture onto a blue run.
novice 4 I ski/ride at moderate speed on blue runs.
novice 5 I ski/ride blue runs & sometimes black runs. I might like to learn short turns, moguls and powder.
novice 6 I enjoy the challenge of skiing/riding in all conditions and terrain and want to refine these skills.